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Granholm Dream Ticket, Most Liberal Ticket Update:  Whitmer and Gilchrist Both Support $32.6 Trillion Single Payer Health Care at the Federal Level

Gilchrist: “And as far as single payer, we both believe that that’s most effectively implemented if it’s going to be at the federal level” 

Lansing, MI—Former Moveon.Org national campaign director Garlin Gilchrist continued his advocacy for the $32.6 trillion single payer health care by touting his support and Whitmer’s support for a federal single payer system at yesterday’s announcement of Gilchrist joining the Whitmer ticket to form the most liberal ticket in Michigan history.

News reports have this plan costing an eye-popping $32.6 trillion over ten years and “[d]oubling federal individual and corporate income tax receipts would not cover the full cost.”

“While she was in the legislature, Gretchen Whitmer was repeatedly named one of the ‘Most Liberal’ State Senators.  Garlin Gilchrist is an ultraliberal activist who worked for for 3 years and helped advocate for a socialized, single payer health care system.  Whitmer and Gilchrist both support a federal single payer health care system which will raise taxes, spend recklessly and move Michigan backwards.  Michigan can’t afford the Whitmer-Gilchrist ticket, the most liberal ticket in Michigan history,” said Stu Sandler, Better Jobs Stronger Families Executive Director.

“Gretchen Whitmer was one of Jennifer Granholm’s strongest advocates during the lost decade supporting policies that led to 15% unemployment and 500,000 lost jobs.   By choosing former National Campaign Director Garlin Gilchirst to the ticket, Gretchen Whitmer has created the Granholm Dream Team with the most liberal ticket in Michigan history,”  said Sandler.

During Gilchrist’s time at, the ultraliberal group issued a video titled “We’d Just Like to Say Ditto to Everything Jennifer Granholm Says in This Clip”.

“Both Whitmer and Gilchrist have a history of saying ‘Ditto’ to everything Jennifer Granholm said or did.  Now that Whitmer and Gilchrist have formed the most liberal ticket in Michigan political history, it’s clear this is the Granholm dream team.  Michigan can’t afford the Whitmer-Gilchrist liberal agenda,” said Sandler.

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